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Being a Woman in Documentary Film

Belgesel Sinemada Kadın Olmak

Istanbul Gelisim University Gender Studies Research and Application Center Director Assoc. Dr. Şükran Güzin Ilıcak Aydınalp held a panel on Tuesday, December 11 at 13.00. To the panel named "Being a Woman in Documentary Cinema", asst. prof. Sinem Tuna, asst. prof. Remziye Köse Özelçi, Nagihan Çakar Bikiç and Ahmet Bikiç attended. In the panel, some topics discussed such as the role of women in social order and the role of women in the historical process, the history of tattooing, documentary cinema and the relationship between women.

Starting with the watching of the documentary DEQ which was shot in Eastern Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia regions, The participants held a discussion on the DEQ tradition and documentary cinema. Ahmet Bikic told to students about documentary "The creativity of the director is important in documentary cinema. Direction is not only square, dialogue and music. It is also more advantageous to work with women, especially on the field. Because women have the power to persuade. This makes it easier for people to be interviewed during the documentary project. In addition, while they are making documentaries with women in many regions, they prefer to work with women rather than working with men. Besides, women can be more practical, more detailed and better organized". Nagihan Çakar Bikiç, told "Every person who has a story to tell should have a documentary cinema, I like to have more women in documentary cinema. Because there are no profit and interest situations in fictional cinema, I feel more free". And she told while describing the subtleties of documentary cinema "No matter what is shoot, it is important to establish a detailed encyclopedic study and then communicate with the people in that community. Before taking such a documentary, it is necessary to do deep research on the region. You must gain people's trust. You must establish intimacy with people. That's why we haven't even taken a camera in the first few days. As a lady, I can communicate more easily with local people in documentaries. They trust women and respect women's work. I also realize that sometimes I do some things that women do more easily, although I don't find the right to distinguish between men and women. Women should therefore trust themselves in every issue and strive to do business in different sectors."

Sinem Tuna and Remziye Köse Özelçi shared  research results about womens. In this context, Tuna and Köse Özelçi, discussed topics such as the position of women in nature, the place of women in the matriarchal and patriarchal social structure, the woman's concept of religious discourse and democracy, the place of the woman in the parliamentary system, the understanding of private space and the public sphere, the position of the woman in front of and behind the camera. Tuna and Köse Özelçi told "12% of the film heroes in 2014 are women, 23% of Hollywood producers are women; The most profitable film of 253 films' scriptwriters are mostly (%83) men". They also stated that women could do better jobs by trusting them more.

Following the question and answer session, the chair of the Public Relations and Publicity Department and the Director of the Gender Studies Research and Application Center , Assoc. Prof. Ilıcak Aydınalp,  presented plaque to the participants and the panel ended with a souvenir photograph. After the event, which attracted a great deal of interest, the students expressed their happiness about hosting Nagihan Çakar Bikiç and Ahmet Bikiç at our university.

Belgesel Sinemada Kadın Olmak
Arrangement Date : 24 12 2018