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Support to Women's Participation in Football

Kızlar Sahada

The event which ongoing from 2013, within the scope of gender equality activities, organized by the "kızlar sahada" team helded in 16 July. Public Relations and Publicity students also attended the event this year with the guidance of Gender Studies Application and Research Center. In the event, in order to break the gender roles, Gizem KILIÇ and Gamze ATBAŞ, the students of Public Relations and Publicity, especially interested in girls and contributed significantly to the implementation of the project. KILIÇ and ATBAŞ said "It was a great pleasure to help the children in the field" and they said next year they wanted to be found in this formation again.

"Kızlar sahada" project is a a project launched in 2013. It is estimated that the project, which focuses on gender roles, has so far introduced 2000 women to football.

Kızlar Sahada
Arrangement Date : 14 11 2018