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Woman Does Everything if She Wants

Betül Mardin

Nur TÜRKNAZ, a student at Istanbul Gelişim University Public Relations and Publicity Department, conducted an interview with Betül MARDİN under the direction of Gender Studies Research and Application Center. In the interview,  a lot of things were talked about from Public Relations to women's condition in profession. Our student's interview is as follows:

1.) What do you think about the public relations department?
Public relations is not a limited department. It is a profession that requires to be aware of every agenda, magazine, art, culture, sometimes even football. I see this profession as my child and I feel like a mother.

2.) What are the good aspects of this department?
The best part is to be in touch with people, to make yourself aware of what you can do and what you can not.

3.) I like the strong woman model very much now I would like to be someone like you, but I do not know how to achieve it do you have a recommendation?
Do everything with love. There is always success in love. Work anywhere anytime. Love is a beautiful thing, at least once or several times you can see the happiness and success that comes from behind.

4.) Do you think there will be regret about this department?
You will regret everything you do not start with unhappily and surely. Thank God I have never regretted anything in this life.

5.) What should a woman do to live her life in high quality?
It's really hard to be a woman in this country. It is very difficult to live respectfully and honestly. Every woman should stand on her own feet, which I did. She should trust herself. When he falls, he must withstand his own power, not someone else's hands.  She should be hard-working and not lazy. Both at home and at work. I am 90 years old and still thank God I am alive.

6.) What is your philosophy of life?
Stay away from 3 S; Weapons, cigarettes, politics
Close to 3 S; health, love and respect

7.) What can you give to working women to succeed?
Calm down, breathe deeply and continue on. Don't give up, don't give…

8.) is image everything?
Dress is important. Thanks to the dress, everyone can recognize you. It's a good thing they remember you when they look back. I've dressed same for 40 years. İ never chanced my style. I have created a Betül Mardin that has been revived and remembered in minds,

9.) What is your general advice to our female colleagues?
1.Do sport everyday
2. Be productive
3. Dont stay without love
4. Be a Mother. If you dont have child, help someone to shape their future.
5. Eat well. Be healthy.
6. Be positive. Search the full sides.
7. Be in love, be with love.
8. Participate in exhibitions and take pictures.

10.) What should be the features that should be in public relation pradictitioner?
1. Be confident
2.Will be very hardworking
3. Be Creative
4.Must be a researcher.
5. Will be honorable

11.) How can women improve themselves? What can they do to get ahead of men in the profession?
They should fill each day with current information. She must be able to represent herself as a woman. They must use every way to communicate with people. Even astrology helps you get to know the other person. Women are more confident and reliable than men in communication.

12.) What are the problems that we may encounter in this profession as women?
I'm always working, I'm producing. In life there is always a problem everywhere or you will find that the problem creator before he creates the problem then you need to get rid of it.

13.) What can we say to our female colleagues to come to a better condition?
Create a philosophy of life for yourself. Be positive, don't see the empty side of the glass. Work, don't get tired of working. Put love in every point of your life. Be loving, be smooth.

14) How do you see the situation of women as public relations specialist in Turkey?
In Turkey, women are increasingly being PR professionals, and i'm very happy i saw it. Women are more successful in this profession than men,

15.) Do you have any advice you want to give me?
Always work work work… Go to exhibitions, follow pictures, follow painter

Betül Mardin
Arrangement Date : 12 12 2018